Banff Harbour Barometer

Banff Harbour Barometer - The Banff barometer is missing, and the box was in an awful state of disrepair, that was until in 2011 When Banffshire Maritime & Heritage Association decided to repair it and install a dummy barometer.  The dummy barometer and information panel adjacent were sponsored by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The box is situated above the harbour in the wall of the old brewery at Battery Green


Banff BarometerRefurbished Banff Barometer box and notice board, Battery Green, Banff.

Left to right - Stan Bruce (Chairman), Andrew Bruce (Committee), and Liam Sparke (Vice-Chair). (Photo - Alistair Mason).





The harbour at the turn of the last century

Banff harbourA wonderful photo of the harbour with schooners alongside no doubt transporting goods to and from ports overseas

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