Portgordon Harbour Barometer

The original harbour barometer is now in a safe place.  The original box aside the harbour now has a dummy barometer in it. The recess for the original barometer is as it was

Elizabeth Brodie

Elizabeth Brodie (1794-1864) Duchess of Gordon

Records tell us that Elizabeth Brodie, Duchess of Gordon, presented a barometer to the fishermen at Portgordon in the year 1859. It's placement set in a wall just to the south of the harbour is understood to be the original site and remains a focal point for those with an interest in Portgordon.

It must have been a proud moment for the fishermen when this life saving gift was handed over. One can only wonder at the number of lives this new fangled invention saved.

The Barometer was manufactured by Hay & Lyall of 73 Union Street Aberdeen

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