Wick Harbour Barometer (Mike Steven - 2012).

General view of Wick Harbour Barometer. (Mike Steven - 2012).Mike Steven of Wick kindly gave us these pictures of the barometer, if anyone has anymore info we'd be glad to hear from you.

This is not a Fitzroy Barometer so we guess it was paid for by some prominent local.













Additional information courtesy of Chris Ashurst

Wick Harbour Barometer.Wick Harbour Barometer:-
Installed by the British Fisheries Society about 1860. The Society was responsible for developing 4 settlements in Scotland in order to stimulate the fishing industry and provide employment for Gaels following the 'Clearances'. Wick was arguably the most successful and prosperous in the herring boom. Sadly some 37 lives were lost at sea in 1848, as a result of which this barometer was installed.


Photographs and information courtesy of Chris Ashurst


Banffshire Maritime & Heritage Association
are grateful to Mike Steven and Chris Ashurst for their valued contributions






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