Boat-building in Banff formerly took place at three formal sites, and these were:

♦ W. & G. Stephen at the Greenbanks, Banff.

♦ Stevenson & Asher at Banff Harbour.

♦ William Geddie at Duffus Hillock (Approximately at the car park adjacent to Banff Granite Works).

Boatbuilding is also known to have taken place as follows:

♦ Between Banff Harbour and Scotstown.


 Clinker Built.


The Skaffie sailing boat was generally clinker built. This build method meant the hull planks were overlapped. The relative cheap cost of building these boats made them popular with the fishermen. They were also light, which made them easy to pull onto the beach. As build methods improved the boats became much bigger in size, up to forty feet long.

 Carvel Built.


When boats became bigger, the hull planks also became thicker, this mean that they couldn’t be overlapped as used in a clinker built boat. It was therefore necessary to adopt a different boat-building method where the planks were laid side by side (Butted together) and caulked.

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