The story of herring fishing in two Banffshire ports, Banff and MacduffHerring Fishing Banff and Macduff

Herring fishing was established in Macduff in 1815 and across the bay in Banff in 1816.  At this time, boat-builders were working flat out building new boats, and herring curing yards were being set-up all along the Moray Firth coast, and at most of the harbours along the British coastline.  In the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century herring was the most important fish in the sea, providing a cheap nutritious food.  The fishermen of Banff and Macduff were quick to recognise this, and that money could be made from harvesting the huge migrating shoals.

The book contains over sixty photo's/illustrations in its 76 pages

"it's not fish yer buyin' it's mens lives"  Sir Walter Scott

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