A wonderful portrait into the life of these incredible womenfolkThe Herring Lassies

Had a hard day at work? Has the boss been on your back? Can you imagine doing back-breaking word exposed to the elements from six in the morning till six in the evening and sometimes to midnight or even the small hours with very little of a break. The Herring Lassies, some as young as thirteen, followed the herring and travelled along much of Britain's coastline many staying in little more than a wooden hut doing just that. Life was truly hard back then and when your granny says" you don't know how lucky you are" she knows what she's talking about The 'Herring Lassies' 'Herrin Quines' or 'Scottish Fisher Girls' as they were known as regardless of their ages played a significant part in making Britain the biggest fishery in the world

This 56 page book, containing over 60 photos/illustrations, researched and written by Rosemary Sanderson, captures the spirit of the incredible womenfolk who despite their poor working conditions always seemed to have a smile on their faces. It tells a wonderous story of a bygone age

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We are pleased to announce 'The Herring Lassies' is now available as an electronic book and is available through the Amazon Kindle store

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