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Fraserburgh Through the YearsFraserburgh Through the Years

A simply stunning book from our Through the Years series packed with information. The village of Faithlie was renamed Fraserburgh in 1592 and created a Royal Burgh of Regality with a free port. We have therefore over 400 years of history in Fraserburgh. Prior to this the history of the area, includes the Stone Age, the picts, the coming of Christianity, Norman Earls and Castles, and this wonderful book includes them all. The book is packed with the history of Fraserburgh and the surrounding area generally within a five mile radius; and includes items of historical importance within an eight to ten mile radius. Read about the Frasers of Philorth the Lord Saltoun of Abernethy and their important contributions. Learn about the towns historic buildings, harbour and famous sons and daughters. Fraserburgh born Stanley Bruce's book gives an amazing insight into the history of Fraserburgh on a time-line, as never seen before

The book contains 136 A4 pages and approx 330 photographs/illustrations

Author: Stanley Bruce Bsc, I.Eng, I.Mar.Eng, MIMarEST

tty-banffBanff Through The Years

From our Through the Years series of books. This book is awaiting publication

In final draft at the present time. This book will be A4 size and covers the history of Banff starting in c.1500. It promises a detailed look at the historic town of Banff in an easy reading style

Please note: The indicated price is a guide price only. We are awaiting final costings from the printer. Once these are known and the first batch arrive then the book will be offered for sale


tty-macduffMacduff Through the Years

A fine title from our Through the Years series of books

The village of Doune was renamed Macduff and created a royal burgh of barony in 1783. So the history of Macduff is relatively new; however, eight pages of this book are dedicated to pre 1783. The rest of the book is jam packed with the history of Macduff. read all about the Earle Fife's and their contributions, historic buildings and the famous sons and daughters of the town. This book gives an insight into the history of Macduff as never seen before.

Author Stanley Bruce Bsc, I.Eng, I.Mar.Eng, MIMarEST has a real feel for for the history of this delightful town


tty-whitehillsWhitehills Through the Years

Another super offering from our Through the Years series of books

Whitehills Through the Years is proving to be an extremely popular book.  It follows the success of the Macduff and Fraserburgh books, and like Macduff and Fraserburgh, the history of Whitehills and district is written in a fashion, which is easily read and understood.  This book is a must-have for locals and visitors interested in the local history of the parish.  Armed with this fascinating book you will quickly become familiar with the areas rich history.

Author Stanley Bruce Bsc, I.Eng, I.Mar.Eng, MIMarEST has demonstrated a real knowledge of this nice village in this not to be missed book. It is a fascinating place

You can purchase this book from eBay click here to see the book on eBay please note: All proceeds go to Banffshire Maritime & Heritage Association


tty-portsoyThis is the third in our Through the Years series of books

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