The following are our most famous individuals who either lived in banffshire or have a connection:


Thomas Edwards                  Naturalist
 Don Jose de San Martin       Argentine General
James Ferguson                     Astronomer
Richard Alexander Stuart Gordon Author
Walford Bodie                       Showman
Lord Byron                             Poet
Fred Bremner                        Photographer
James McPherson                 Freebooter
 Peter Anson              Marine Artist and Author
Robert Andrew Marine Artist
Duff''s Earl of Fife                 Duff''s Earl of Fife                            
Sandi Thom                           Singer
Thomas Telford                     Engineer
Alex Salmond MSP & First Minister
John Smeaton            Engineer
Barclay de Tolly                     Russian ???
Robert Southey Poet
James Sharp  Archbishop and Head of the Church of  Scotland
Robert Burns Poet
David Addison Author
John Wesley Methodist
Stanley Bruce Author and Poet
Rosemary Sanderson Author
David Clark Author
George Duff Captain
Shona McLean Author
William Adam Architect
John Adam Architect
Bairds of Auchmedden





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