The Herring Lassies

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space The first of the above pictures are the Herring Lassies  Fraserburgh 1930. On the picture it states 1947 but after a good bit of research we found that this photo was actually taken sometime in the 1930''s

Herring Lassies

The lassies are  from left to right: Jenny McLean, Ruby West, Barbara Reid, Elisa Isa Anderson, Jessie West, Margaret (Maggie) Nicol.

The herring lassies or as they were known in the north east the ‘Gutting Quines’ followed the herring as they migrated along the Scottish and English coasts.


Author Rosemary Sanderson with herring lassie Helen McKay from Macduff at the launch of the book on Helen''s 90th birthday

"The Herring Lassies - Following the Herring."

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Had a hard day at work?  Has the boss been on your back? 

Can you imagine doing back-breaking work exposed to the elements from six in the morning to six in the evening and sometimes to midnight or even into the small hours with very little of a break. 

The ‘Herring Lassies’ some as young as thirteen followed the herring, and travelled all along the British coastline, many staying in little more than a  wooden hut doing just that.

Life was truly hard back then and when your granny says “You don’t know how lucky you are these days” she knows what she’s talking about. 

The ‘Herring Lassies’ or the ‘Scotch Fisher Girls’ as they were known regardless of their age played a significant part in making Britain the biggest fishery in the world.

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