Herring Lassie's Kist


  • A thin mattresskist
  • A pillow
  • Sheets and pillow case
  • Blankets
  • Towels and flannels
  • Six shifts (a type of long vest)
  • Six 'drawers' (knitted knickers)
  • Working clothes - a long coat, a skirt, a 'gansey' (sweater), aprons, six pairs of woollen stockings, shawls, helmets and working gumboots
  • Gutting knives and sharpening stone
  • Sunday best - a blouse, a skirt, cardigan, stockings, coat, hat and best shoes
  • Knitting needles, wool and knitting pouch (a long bag tied round the waist)
  • Toiletries - soap and talcum powder
  • Hairbrush and kerbies (hair-pins)
  • Cutlery, mug and plate
  • A bible
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