Buckie Harbour is known locally as Cluny Harbour because it was founded by the Cluny family in 1877.  

However this wasn''t the first harbour built in the town - Buckpool harbour was built in 1855 to 1857. 

Cluny Harbour is the finest harbour on the Moray Firth Coast, and due to its depth is accessible at most tides. 

During the herring boom years it was packed with sailing herring drifters and latterly steam drifters

A heritage centre called the ‘Buckie Drifter’ opened especially to celebrate the towns fishing heritage however this is currently closed. 

However there is a small but rather fine Fishing Heritage Centre in the town behind the Town Library which is well worth visiting. 

The harbour today still accommodates fishing trawlers, and also retains one of the shipyards, which today carries out its business repairing and servicing RNLI lifeboats, and general ship-repair work.

A RNLI lifeboat is stationed here at the east end of the harbour. 

Cargo ships regularly use the harbour for the transport of timber and grain; occasionally fabricated items for the oil industry are shipped out of the harbour.

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