Pronounced ‘Finechty’ the name is derived from Gaelic and means ‘finn’ (white) and ‘dabhach’ (tub or vat).  

The village is thought to have once been a mass of white flowers, and the natural harbour which was known as ‘Crooked Haven’ looked a bit like a large bowl.  

In 1716 Thomas Ord of Findochty Castle brought to the village thirteen men and four boys from Fraserburgh (Brochers) to establish a fishing community.  

The village grew as a port from this date but it wasn’t until 1882 to 1883 that the harbour was formally established. 

The central pier was then built in the 1930’s.  

Many of the houses in the village are brightly painted; they alike many other houses in other fishing communities were painted with oil-paints to protect them from the elements, and they are still traditionally painted in many vibrant colours to this day.  

The harbour is now predominantly used by pleasure craft.  At the harbour is a fine statue of a fisherman looking out to the sea.

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