Macduff Harbour today is still a working harbour, although not as busy as it used to be. 

It is still used by several fishing boats which are berthed here, and sometimes fishermen still land their catch.  

Shipbuilding continues by Macduff Shipyards who also have ship-repair premises in Fraserburgh.  

Macduff Shipyards have facilities at both ends of the harbour with traditional wooden hulled boats being built at the west end of the harbour, and steel hulled boats at the east end.

macduff steam-drifters

Key dates for Macduff Harbour

East and West Harbours built 1770.

Lord Fife’s breakwater built 1820 – 1830

North Basin built 1878.

Lighthouse Quay Built 1903

Slipway and Princess Royal Basin built 1921

Fish Market built 1966

macduff lighthouse2006

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