The fishing village of Pennan was founded early in the 19th century.

It was previously known as ‘St Magnus Haven’ and later Auchmedden, once famous for millstone quarries, and was used as the location for the film Local Hero starring Burt Lancaster.

The village is basically one street along the shoreline with stone cottages and a small harbour all built on land not much use for anything else.

The earliest harbour was built in 1704.

In 1799 a new harbour was built and the earliest houses which are built gable end to the sea and painted to protect them from the elements date a little after this date.

In 1845 the harbour was much improved however in the winter of 1889 / 1890 a storm destroyed the west pier.

A new pier was built in 1903 and improved further in 1909.

The harbour today is little used, however some small boats with lobster creels can be seen during the summer season.

Former Coastguard houses sited about halfway up to the junction of the Fraserburgh / Macduff road have since been converted to housing.


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