The village of Portgordon was founded in 1797 by the fourth Duke of Gordon.  

The harbour was built between 1870 and 1874, and at one time was one of the largest on this stretch of the coast, and could accommodate up to 350 boats

The main export from the harbour in the 19th century was corn.  Ownership of the harbour transferred to the Crown Estate Commissioners in 1935. 

Shortly after in 1947 the Crown Estate Commissioners closed the harbour.  

Due to the harbour being closed no money was spent on it and it began to deteriorate.  April to May 1985 the 69th Independent Ghurka Field Squadron carried out essential repairs to the harbour.  This was the first of three visits by the men from Nepal that took place between 1985 and 1987

The anchor and plaque at the harbour and the beautiful stained glass window on the east side of the parish church which depicts farming and fishing scenes were erected in 1997 to commemorate the bi-centenary of the founding of the village. 

A dummy barometer is sited on a wall near the harbour; the original which was presented to the community in 1859 by the Duchess of Gordon was re-sited to more secure premises in the 1980’s

For more on Portgordon Harbour visit:  http://www.portgordonharbour.co.uk

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