In 1843 wooden piers were erected at the Hythie in Yardie.  The harbour was referred to as Shanks Harbour because the Rev Shanks played a considerable part in getting it established. 

He made great efforts in its realisation and is said to have contributed financially. 

The Harbour however was short-lived because in 1849, a mere six years after its construction a great storm destroyed it

Today depending on the tide some of the stumps can be seen.

Yardie is today recognised as a conservation area, and most of the houses are ‘But and Ben’ fisher cottages built from 1840 onwards except for three which were standing as far back as 1823. 

The name Yardie is derived from yard, this area stretching from the Buckie Burn to the Neuk used to be arable land and the fishermen grew crops here.

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