Macduff Shipyards Group
Build records 1936 - 2005
Macduff Shipyards Group has kindly provided Banffshire Maritime & Heritage Association with archive records of their craft built between 1936 and 2005. These are made available in the hope they will assist those with an interest in the boatbuilding records of Banff and Macduff. Of course there were many craft built in this area before 1936 and we hope that one day we may well have other records to add to this unique collection
Banffshire Maritime & Heritage Association thank the directors of Macduff Shipyards Group for making these files available
It will be noted the records are in pdf format and will require a pdf reader to enable reading. Also the files which are printed in landscape orientation will display in portrait orientation. Some pdf readers, but not all, will allow the reader to change the orientation. Sorry for this, it's beyond our control
 Macduff Engineering Co Ltd 1936 - 1964
This firm started work at Macduff during 1936 using the yard vacated by W & J Steven. They built nine Motor Mine Sweepers along with eleven 75' Motor Fishing Vessels for the admiralty betweeen 1940 and 1945. They were fully employed building Motor Fishing vessels of various sizes up to 75'overall length. During 1964 they were taken over by J Watt & Sons of Banff with the name being changed to Macduff Boat Building & Engineering Co Ltd
John Watt & Sons Gardenstown 1942 - 1954. Banff 1954 - 1966
John Watt & Sons originated at Gardenstown where they built mostly small hand-line boats and moved to Banff so as to be able to build bigger boats during 1954 at Stephens Yard at the mouth of the River Deveron. They took over Macduff Engineering Co during 1964 and operated both yards until 1966 when the Banff Yard was closed. The new firm became known as Macduff Engineering & Boat Building Co Ltd. Which was susequently changed to Macduff Shipyards during 1991
List 1 Macduff Engineering Co Ltd Macduff 1936 - 1964
List 2 John Watt & Sons Gardenstown 1942 - 1954 Banff 1954 - 1956
List 3 Macduff Boatbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd Macduff 1965 - 1991
List 4 Macduff Shipyards Ltd 1991 - 2005
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