Memorial Bench at Tarlair

We are delighted to advise a memorial bench to three of our former members has been placed at Tarlair

Memorial Bench

Last year the Committee decided a fitting tribute to the memory of our much missed former members, Nick Dolphin, James Gatt and Roger Lewendon, would be the placement of a bench at a suitable location. After considerable thought and discussion about several locations we decided that Tarlair would be the most suitable.

 The land on which the bench would be placed, we hoped, would be at a viewpoint overlooking the pool and out to sea

Tarlair in all its glory

 We contacted Aberdeenshire Council in order to understand the formal process and also seek their advice. Quite frankly the Council staff could not have been more helpful. Not only did they offer advice they obtained the bench and placed it in the best possible position. In addition to the Council we also discussed the idea and placement with representatives of "Friends of Tarlair" the Group largely responsible for bringing what was a former derelict swimming pool and surrounding area back to life to benefit the community

The cost of the bench and plaque were covered in their entirety by a donation from Banffshire Maritime & Heritage Association

Banffshire Maritime & Heritage Association is indebted to Ian Tillett and Alexandra Kemper along with the installation team of Aberdeenshire Council for helping us to take an idea to reality. Thanks are also due to "Friends of Tarlair" particularly Patricia Wain and her colleagues for braving a cold December day for a site meeting

The bench is located on a slightly elevated position overlooking the pavilion, pools and out to sea. Our hope is that folk will appreciate the seat as they relax and take in the views of one of the finest places in Scotland


It's certain our three sadly missed committee members would approve this location and it is a fitting tribute to their memory for the good works they did whilst on the committee of Banffshire Maritime and Heritage Association

 The memorial plaque

A tribute to the memory of

Nick Dolphin - James Gatt - Roger Lewendon

This is the location of Tarlair just zoom in or out as required



 Thanks to Aberdeenshire Council staff for their assistance with the project


Thanks to "The Friends of Tarlair" for their support and assistance

See The Friends of Tarlair Facebook page. It's really interesting


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