The Peter Anson Sculpture

 Peter Anson Sculpture

A fitting tribute to a remarkable man

Banffshire Maritime & Heritage Association Chairman, Stan Bruce, has researched many aspects of sea and land around the North East of Scotland. He is a well known local author, having penned numerous publications. His research often pointed him towards publications written by Peter Anson and at the same time made him wonder why such a man as Peter Anson would want to spend much of his life living among and writing about the Fisherfolk of North East Scotland. 
Peter Anson was born in southern England to respected and well off parents. A far cry from the hardship and lifestyle of the fisherfolk he would write about in the future. There is no doubting Peter Anson found the fisherfolk fascinating and talented and when it came to hardship, they just got on with it. Peter respected them so much that he settled down in the area for a large slice of his life. The respect he felt for them was by all accounts mutual and he was accepted by the hard working community as one of their own. 
There was little in the area to remind folk of Peter Anson’s existence and this clearly annoyed Stan who decided to provide a tangible reminder of some sort to honour this modest man. Eventually Stan came up with the idea of a sculpture. Thinking of a sculpture is one thing, designing it is quite another. And yet design it he did, not only that he procured the materials and built it with assistance from employees of *Ace Winches. If that wasn't enough he had to fight to get it sited in an appropriate place
The sculpture now stands proudly in the Maritime Garden at Macduff just a stones throw from Peter’s home for so many years. It is a poignant reminder of the life of a great man who saw the folk in the area as his friends. There are still those that remember him as a man of God and fisherfolk
How the sculpture took shape


The unveiling ceremony Saturday 28th May 2011

Sculpture unveiling


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*Ace Winches

Ace Wiches

Banffshire Maritime & Heritage Association wish to place on record its grateful thanks to the management and staff of Ace Winches for providing the facilities and assisting with the Sculpture construction


How was the Sculpture funded?

Bars for the net - RDM Turriff

Cut out of Drifter and triangular base plate - ASWFS Dyce

Cut-outs of the herring - Kelman Engineering Turriff

Welding assistance and build facility - Ace Winches

Galvanising cost - Ace Winches

Information panel - TBA

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