The Mercat Cross

The Mercat Cross

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The Mercat Cross (Market Cross) had significant importance in bygone times. It was an important symbol for trade in allowing a market or fair to be held at a place granted by a Monarch, Bishop or Baron

The style, shape and design vary enormously from place to place, There is no denying these structures formed an important part of our commercial heritage. The structures were built by craftsmen, of that there is no doubt

Aberdeen Mercat Cross

Old Aberdeen Mercat Cross

Banff Mercat Cross

Banff Mercat Cross Close up

Cullen Mercat Cross

Edinburgh Mercat Cross

Elgin Little Cross

Elgin Muckle Cross

Forres Mercat Cross

Fraserburgh Mercat Cross 

Prestonpans Mercat Cross 

 Turriff Mercat Cross

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